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The Nether Duel (30331)

The Nether Duel (30331)


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Minecraft’s Steve battles a wither skeleton in the fiery landscape of the Nether. Steve carries a bow and the skeleton holds a sword. Includes a glowstone and a torch. Real-life Minecraft action with LEGO brick-building toys! Looking for the best birthday present or holiday gift for a Minecraft fan? LEGO Minecraft playsets put all the fun of the online game and more right into kids’ hands.
  • For ages 6 and up Minecraft players with a real-world Minecraft building playset
  • The perfect surprise for gamers wanting to take their Minecraft play to the next level
  • Powered by a child’s imagination for hours of endless fun
  • This easy-to-build, battery-free toy help boost kids’ independent play and problem-solving skills, plus it gives them the joy of constructing on their own.
  • At The LEGO Group, we drop, squash, twist, heat, bend, scratch and stretch LEGO bricks and pieces to ensure they meet the highest global safety and quality standards, giving you certainty that your child is safe
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