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LEGO® Friends - Recycling Truck (41712)

LEGO® Friends - Recycling Truck (41712)


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Looking for a fun toy for a kid aged 6 and up who cares about the environment? The Recycling Truck (41712) is for them. Kids patrol the beach with LEGO® Friends Emma and River, collecting the trash to keep wildlife safe. The waste-management toy set comes with 3 garbage cans for sorting recycling into paper, food and glass. It also includes cool toy accessories to bring the play to life, such as a toy shovel and a trash grabber. The garbage truck comes with a movable arm for kids to attach to the cans to tip their contents into the containers.

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Enjoy some eco-friendly fun with the LEGO® Friends 41712 Recycling Truck! This fun-filled kit has everything you need to make a mini-world of pollution-free fun. Hours of imaginative play await - who knows what green-minded adventures you'll come up with! Make sure to save the planet while you play!

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