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Brickscape Cafe Donations

Brickscape Cafe Donations

Brickscape Cafe

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What's Included?




Monetary donations help Brickscape Cafe accelerate various initiatives. The programs we are currently focused on include:

  • Short-term: Establish robotics/coding clubs for children ages 6-14 based on the Scratch programing language using LEGO Education sets. Scholarships will be provided for those with financial need.
  • Long-term: Secure a physical location. Ideally, we would like to purchase commercial property because we plan to be here for the long haul and would like a place where we can tailor it to best serve the community. Realistically, we will probably need to lease a space first. 

If you would like to donate an amount not listed, you can add multiple "products" totally the correct amount or just contact us.

Please be aware that donations to Brickscape Cafe ARE NOT tax deductible.


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