Our Promise to the Planet

We believe business should not prosper at the expense of our ecosystem or the health of our communities. We have a responsibility to the Earth, our families, our community, and to future generations, to build sustainability and environmental stewardship into the fabric of our operations and activities.

What We're Doing

Brickscape Cafe sources 100% of our electrical power from renewable wind energy (see Longmont Renewable Power Purchase Program). We also have a solar backup.

Deliveries in Longmont are made using bike or e-bike as much as possible. When we're not able to, we'll deliver to you via a gas vehicle with carbon certificates purchased through Colorado Carbon Fund to offset its emissions. One day we hope to replace this with an electric vehicle.

Brickscape Cafe purchases carbon certificates to offset 100% of emissions of the shipments we send and receive.

All of our shipments/deliveries are packaged in clean and sturdy but reused boxes/bags. By extending the lifespan of these perfectly good boxes, we reduce the lumber required to produce new boxes and the energy required to produce post-consumer recycled boxes.

    We are continuing to explore ways to do even better. If you have suggestions, please let us know.