We’re Building Something Special

The aspiration of Brickscape Cafe is to bring the folks of Longmont Colorado together in a community of exploration, imagination, and play. Part toy store, part mocktail lounge, part activity center, Brickscape Cafe will inspire the young and the young at heart to cultivate their creative spirits, foster community through connection, and model good corporate citizenship through sustainability, inclusion, and community investment.

Brickscape Cafe’s toy selection will largely center around LEGO products not only because they help people of all ages, interests, and abilities develop themselves in fun and creative ways but also because of our shared values and goals. Brickscape Cafe will offer a wide range of new and used Lego branded materials as well as original creations using Lego bricks from designers all around the world. Beyond Lego products Brickscape Cafe will also showcase interesting toys and games from independent and local designers

From coding classes to robotics clubs to arts and crafts groups; from depression support groups to neurodiversity meet ups, everyone will be able to explore activities that engage and excite them.

For groups there will be team building programs and for companies we will be able to help you develop skills to better visualize problems and develop creative solutions through play.  

At Brickscape Cafe you'll be able to indulge in one of a wide variety of funky and offbeat frozen, iced, or hot beverages in an alcohol-free environment while you laugh with old friends or new friends or translate a beautiful and amazing original idea to a blank canvas whatever that medium might be

But I’ll be honest, it's still way off before this vision is fully realized. THIS adventure…it's just the beginning

There are two reasons this early process is being shared with you.

  1. This will be a community hub and as a member of the community your hopes, your needs, and your most outrageous wishes of what Brickscape Cafe can be will help guide its formation. your opinion is not just valuable, it's vital. And this means EVERY one of you.
  2. We want folks to think deeply about the companies they support and the businesses they run and ask whether they support the community collectively and the people of the community individually and if the answers don't align with those values, consider making a change.

Over the coming weeks and months and years, more details will be shared and the topics that were only briefly touched on here will be expanded upon. Even if you aren't in Longmont you are invited on this journey. There will still be ways Brickscape Cafe can be of service to you and, if so inclined, for you to support this mission

I hope you're all as excited as I am about Brickscape Cafe because this is all about community. If your interest HAS been piqued there are few ways that you can support this endeavor:

  • First, stay informed by signing up for the Brickscape Cafe newsletter. Your inbox won't be inundated, I promise, just an e-mail every week or two
  • Second, please share this story. Tell your friends; tell people that aren't your friends; tell your dog your house plant, even your judgey cat. (Oh don’t get like that. If you have a cat you know it's judgey. That’s their thing. That’s what they do.) Share this story through social media or even better with the neighborhood gossip. The larger the community building Brickscape Cafe, the bigger our toolbox to make this something special and truly extraordinary.
  • Third, unfortunately it costs money to pull this off and no one here has won the lottery. So please support us by buying something from the online store found at https://brickscape.cafe. That's three whole keystrokes less than if we used the .com address. (See...Brickscape Cafe truly values your time.)
  • Finally, if you just believe in this idea and have the means to donate products or provide financial support, please check out the donation page.

However, you choose to support Brickscape Cafe we offer our deepest gratitude.

Thank you very much for investing your time today to learn about Brickscape Cafe. 

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