May Event: LEGO® Mindfulness Workshop Presented with SunshineBlu

May Event: LEGO® Mindfulness Workshop Presented with SunshineBlu

Let's play! Get your brick on at this hands-on, interactive workshop especially designed for students (12 years and up) and adults wanting to learn more about using LEGO® building to practice mindfulness.

If you struggle with anxiety, stress or depression, mindfulness can help you manage those feelings. Scientific studies show that mindfulness can physically alter the brain of a depressed person for the better.

Event Details

Date: Sunday, May 21

Time: 1:00 - 3:00 pm

Presented by SunShineBlu and Brickscape Cafe
Hosted by SunShineBlu at 1241 Kimbark St, Unit C, Longmont, CO 80501.
Entrance is on the Mountain View side of the building, directly across from Curt's Cleaners. 

Register and donate on the Donorbox event page here!


Billie Abbitt is a successful business entrepreneur, having started two businesses by the age of 21 and then moving into a successful career helping improve patient care with one of the largest HealthTech companies in the world. After mental health and physical challenges required a leave of absence, Billie rediscovered the healing power of play and the beauty of LEGO® bricks. 
Brickscape Cafe, Longmont's first and only independent LEGO® retailer, was born from a desire to help people overcome challenges from all aspects of their lives through play. 


Kayla Gilmore is a Mental Health Advocate and the Executive Director of SunShineBlu. After experiencing major depression and complex PTSD for more than 20 years, Kayla knows all too well the overwhelming darkness depression brings, the shame and stigma that comes with it and how hard it is to find quality mental health care. So in 2022, she founded SunShineBlu, a non-profit dedicated to supporting, encouraging and advocating for people with mental health conditions.

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